Bulk Hand-Dyed Habutai Silk Ribbon • 1/4" (54 yards) • 1-1/4" (32 yards) • 2" (21 yards)

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One (1) full spool habutai silk ribbon
100% silk

Choose from three widths:
¼" (54 yards)
1¼" (32 yards)
2" (21 yards)

Wound on a plastic or cardboard spool.
If you'd like a smaller quantity, find that here.

Great care has been taken to photograph the product in natural light with minimal photo processing, but due to the hand-dyed nature of this product, the color may vary at times batch to batch from what is shown. Please note that silk reflects light in such a way that its color will adapt to its surroundings and may vary even more depending on the light source.